Fr. Ken's Easter Letter

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ

Peace and love to you all in the Risen Lord!

We have walked together through the wilderness of lent, praying, studying, gathering, each step leading us forward to the climactic struggle of Holy Week, where we live and die with Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. 

As we have died with Christ, so we have risen in Christ and Christ in us!

How is that spiritual reality lived out in our lives? How has Christ arisen in you this Easter? Each year we make this journey, and every time we do, we experience it in a different way; the differences may be small, but they are there! What has been different for you this year? It’s in these differences, in the new insights discerned or the new questions asked, that we hear the call of the risen Christ most clearly echoing in our hearts; what is that voice calling you to do? Who is that voice calling you to be?

The answers to all these questions will be different for every one of us. We each have our own experience in our journey to Easter, and our own encounter with the Risen Christ, and just as Mary ran from the tomb to proclaim to her brother disciples what she had seen and encountered on the first Easter morning, we are called to proclaim what we have seen, and who we have encountered in rising with Christ.

There is a sense to which Easter feels like another new year: the rebirth of Spring takes hold and life abounds. However, it is not a new year that we are living in, but a new life: one that is beyond where we have been and pointing to where we can go.

Let this be the Christ you proclaim as you continue the journey with the Christ from the depths of Calvary to the heights of Ascension, empowered by the Spirit’s flame, and enveloped by the Creator’s Love.