Hurray for Hilda

{based on article in the Echo)

Hilda Clark.jpg

Hilda Clark, seen here in 2014, died Wednesday, August 7. Her church, her family and the wider community remember her as a passionate advocate, organizer, historian and conversationalist. Besides her powerful presence within the local church, her family says she was dedicated to her nieces and nephews and their children, providing them with cultural experiences and plenty of love and attention. She was 86.

 “Hilda was a beacon of light in her community,” Teralyn Phipps wrote in her eulogy to her great-aunt delivered by Fr. Ken at her funeral last Saturday.

“She pledged her life to supporting the community of Wilberforce in so many ways. Many of us go through our entire lives wondering what our ‘purpose’ is; not Hilda. She knew her purpose. Her purpose was leadership in service of others, supporting a friend or family member in need and giving to those less fortunate.”

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