Welcome to Anne Moore!

For her first Sunday in the parish, the Rev. Anne Moore let it be known she didn’t like the term “Reverend” used with respect to her office! Just call her “Anne”. For those who think they should show more respect in addressing her (parents of young children, for example), it’s to be Pastor Anne.

With that cleared up, rather than delivering a sermon for her first day, she launched into her testimony. She grew up on a farm on the shores of Hay Bay near Napanee. Before attending Queen’s University in Kingston, Anne began a career with the Canadian Armed Forces. Some of her postings included the '76 Olympics in Montreal, and later, four months as a member of the Canadian contingent of the United Nations Peacekeepers in Egypt, helping keep the peace between Israel and Egypt.

While her upbringing also included attending Anglican church services, that wasn’t enough to answer her growing questions and longings for ‘more’. At this point her sister-in-law stepped in, giving her a book that would change her life. Nine O’Clock in the Morning recounts the story of Episcopal (read Anglican, in Canada) priest Dennis Bennett’s own life-changing encounter with Holy Spirit (see link below for more info on Bennett).

As a student at Queen's, Anne started hearing a call to the ministry. Although she finds it difficult to describe, an inner voice kept asking her about the ministry. Finally, after much resistance, she began to investigate that call. This led to Wycliffe College (part of the University of Toronto) for her theological studies, and many affirmations from others that she was hearing clearly.

Ordained in 1990, her various postings before moving to Haliburton have included: assistant curate at the Parish of St. Hilary's, Mississauga; Incumbent of the Parish of Perrytown (on Rice Lake, north of Cobourg and Port Hope); Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of St. Gabriel's, Richmond Hill; interim director of Flemingdon Park Ministries in Toronto; Interim Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of St. Martin and Calvary in Toronto; chaplain of the Anglican Church Women; member of the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer Committee for both Toronto and Canada; and, most recently, interim priest at Church of the Holy Family in Brampton, Ontario.

“My greatest desire in the world is to help people become more like Jesus,” she says, “and to have others help me do the same.”

“And yes, I am an introvert,” she confesses. “If I seem cold or unfriendly at any time, well, that’s my problem, not yours. Help me through it.”

Rural upbringing, military training, prayer warrior: looks like we’ve found the leader to help us process our current situation, lead us beyond, and help us grow throughout.

Master’s Book Store in Haliburton will likely be able to supply you with a copy of Nine O’Clock in the Morning. You can also find it through this link at Amazon.ca. For a brief biography of Dennis Bennett, please click here.