Hallelujah Haliburton! Sizzlin' Summer Service 2

Proving the power of concerted prayer, legwork, handiwork, talent and faith, Haliburton and area Christians gathered for a celebration of song, music and unity on the holiday weekend Sunday. Despite dire weather predictions all week, prayer and wind parted the clouds for what felt like our first sunny Sunday of the summer. Head Lake Park filled with singing, attentive Baptist, Anglican, United Church, Pentecostal and Northland Faith congregations.

After Lakeside Baptist’s Brian Plouffe’s warm welcome, Pastor Daniel Smith of Lighthouse Pentecostal opened with prayer and a few blasts on the shofar (a trumpet made of a ram's horn, blown by the ancient Hebrews during religious ceremonies). Anne Moore of St. George’s and St. Margaret’s gave the message—appropriately on the difference between unity and uniformity.

Harry Morgan (United Church pastor), Christopher Greaves (former rector of St. George’s/St. Margaret’s), Joy Nickell, Glenda Burk, Dan Goodwin and many others of various denominational stripes all helped lead in song, instrumentals, reading scripture, or prayer.

Clockwise from top: Anglican Pastor Anne Moore addresses crowd; Crystal & Casey Jeffs; United Church Pastor Harry Morgan leads in song; Chris Postlethwaite w. daughter Emma; Eleanor & Earl Cooper; Dakota MacDonald & Alyssa Bogardis