Advent 2012: Anne's Christmas Letter

By the Reverend Canon Anne Moore

Are you ready for Christmas? Tree decorated, cookies baked, presents wrapped?

It is so easy to get distracted among all the preparations for the seasonal festivities that we forget what those preparations were supposed to be for. We become rushed and worried, wondering if we have forgotten anything, and doing some things at the last minute.

We forget that Christmas is a season that starts on December 25th and continues until the 12th day, called Epiphany. There will be lots of time for things we think we have missed.

Because of our busyness, we end up not having the time to adequately prepare our hearts for the coming of the Lord. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about, after all? We give presents—not to feed our greed, but in thanksgiving for the greatest present of all time, the gift of Jesus. We share our wealth with others because we know that Jesus was born in the worst possible situation of poverty. We decorate, celebrate, light candles, and feast on special food to remind us of the victory won for us on a special night long ago. We re-read the great story and tell it in song so that it is never forgotten. We gather with other believers to worship God Who created us …Who sent His Son to free us … and Who filled us with His Spirit that we would have the power to share His love.

Are you ready for Christmas? It is never too late to choose to follow the way of the Saviour who was born in a stable and lives forever. May you have a blessed and holy Christmas season.