What is Truth?

By the Rev. Ken McClure

There is a degree to which opening up oneself to the goings-on of the world feels like inviting in an existential crisis! 

This is especially true as we watch our neighbors to the south fall victim to an organized state-sanctioned assault on the very notion of Truth. This past weekend one of the Gilded King of America's most trusted emissaries and attorneys, Rudy Giuliani, uttered a defence of his Capo that should have sent a shudder through the spine of any person with even a marginal commitment to Truth.

leters of truth in sand for site best2.jpg

"Truth isn't truth," he said in an attempt to pre-emptively justify his Capo's compulsion for lying and the likelihood that he would do so under oath. He later walked his statement back, claiming it wasn't a "pontification on moral theology" but any person who has heard or read John's Gospel can recognize Pilate's question "what is Truth?" in Giuliani's sentiment. 

The Roman Procurator asks the question when confronted with Truth incarnate in the person of Jesus. Pilate's commitment and devotion to the Roman state and its imperial ethic blind him, obscuring Truth even as it stands before him. The thing about Pilate in this moment though, is he is ignorant, not malicious. We must not confuse the calculated systematic erosion of Truth in our own time with the ignorance of the man who would try so desperately to wash his own hands of Jesus' blood. Donald Trump and his messengers are agents of deception. They are intentionally dismantling the concept of objective truth so that it cannot bind them, and while I am ever cautious in the use of overly hyperbolic language when drawing theological conclusions about current events, intentional agents of deception are by extension agents of the Deceiver.

Just to be clear, I am not saying that the current president is the Devil incarnate (I have no idea if he has a numerical affinity for six hundred and sixty six) but I can say with absolute certainty that in my lifetime (a lifetime wherein the United States has been the de-facto world empire) there has never been an American president (the Caesars of our time) who has been so entirely antithetical to the Gospel and Person of Jesus Christ as this one. Let those with ears listen, let those with eyes see. 

The storm clouds are gathering, and as they do followers of the Word will be called on to carry Truth like a lantern in through the night, as a sign for the faithless. When we do this we follow in the example of our Lord, who during his life confronted every deception He encountered with the simple power of His Truth. The days are darkening friends, but it's in the dark that the light of Christ shines brightest. 

Be that light.