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Take a few deep breaths, and moments, to savour a tremendous ancient poem by Welsh-born English poet, orator and priest, George Herbert. 

Herbert spoke and wrote in the English of his contemporaries, among whom were Shakespeare and King James 1.

In fact, when King James ordered a new, more readable translation of the bible, one of his main stipulations to the scholars—besides that it be true to the original Hebrew and Greek—was that it be written in the vernacular of the day. Could it be the clever king understood something a few of today's 'old-style' preachers and church goers—insisting as they do on sticking to that same ancient translation—do not?


Thanks to Allan Halton for bringing this poem to my attention. Creator of The Mending Feast, Allan credits this poem as the inspiration for the title of his blog (and also sticks to the old KJV in his scriptural references) . 

Poetry praising the 'King of Praise'

by Eleanor Cooper 

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         Blaze of the sky in the morning sun,
    Shine of the moon at night,
Glow of the stars in the heavenly vault,
Bespeak Thy glorious might
O King of the light!

Sweep of the ocean in mighty roar,
  Calm of the water at rest,
     Blast of wind over tidal wave,
         Height of the foaming crest,
                Bespeak Thy glorious might
                            O King of the sea!

                   Gold of the autumn foliage,
                   Green of the springing turf
                 Chill of the ice on a snowy road,
                    Tide of the summer’s surf,
                        Bespeak Thy glorious might
                              O King of the seasons!

                Quiet of sky on a summer’s night,
              Still of a sunrise below,
         Shine of the moonlight over the land,
               Light of the starry glow
                       Bespeak Thy glorious might
                              O King of all heaven!

Eleanor Cooper, a multi-talented long-time member of St. George's, is active in the church choir, other musical groups, and  many other community goings-on. She also writes a column for The Haliburton County Echo.